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Laprak Village

Laprak Village

LAPRAK village is the most wonderful, heavenly and exciting village of in the northern part of Gorkha district, western part of Nepal at the altitude of 2150m from the sea level. This village lies 28.29 N and 84.78 E. This village is densely inhabited by Gurung (98%) and Bisokarma (2%). It is 192 km north-west of Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal and 65 km north-west of Gorkha district headquarter. The temperature is warm and cool in the month of April to October and cold and snowfall in the month of November to March.

This village has its own culture, tradition and ritual. They follow the practices which are followed by their forefather. 80% of villagers follow as Bon religion and 20% as christian. They sacrifice animals for their forefather, Himalayas god/goddess, jungle god/goddess and bitches. The social life is replete, completely with interesting risible of life cycle, birth wedding, death etc. The main festival that Lapraki peoples celebrate are Buddha Jayanti (Lord Buddha Birthday) with Ghatu dance, Lhosar, Dashain, Tihar, Tamu Losar (Gurung Community New Year) Maghesakkranti, Makai ko biha (Corn marriage) and many more. Rodhi, Arukhun (cremation ceremony), Chewor (cutting of hair), Jhakri nanch (Tantric or shamism) are the main ritual and traditions of Laprak.

The main occupations of the villagers are agriculture, animal catering, abroad employee, Trekking and recruitment in Nepalese, Indian and British. The main productions of Laprak village are potato, maize, barley, wheat, millet, beans and other. They harvest the herbal plants as well. By the July-August, they will in the in the high mountain (lekh) to find the Yarshagompa and other medical plant and sell in the market. Through this, they earn some money and manage their daily life. But most of young generation as engaged in the tourism business. They are working as Trekking Guide, Mountain Guide (4 are International Mountain Guide licenseholders), Trekking Cook, helpers and porters. Some of them had established Trekking companies in Kathmandu i.e. Ethic Himalaya Treks & Expedition P. Ltd, Churen Himal Treks & Expedition P. Ltd, Yatri Trekking P. Ltd, Sierra Club Adventure P. Ltd, Trinetra Adventure P Ltd and Yatra Himalaya Adventure P. Ltd. They are organizing trekking, expedition and other different activities in Nepal as well as in Tibet, India and Bhutan.

There is only one Secondary School in this village; which was established in 2017 B.S by then the Government of Nepal upto Class V. Now, it is upto grade X. After the Grade X the students have to come to district headquarter or other parts of Nepal to continue their further studies. Most of them stop their study after X, because they cannot continue their studies due to their economic problem and crisis. Now, French donors are actively involving to solve these problems. They are actively donating in constructing School Building, Hostel and other helps for the poor students. Thank you very much for them for their kind help.

Laprak village is also one of the most famous Tourist destinations in Nepal. Many tourists from different countries come to this village to visit, explore and research the life style, cultures, tradition and ritual. Visitors are welcomed with respectful by offering of garlands and white tika on the forehead. They also performed traditional dance with folk songs as per the guests’ request. This village has the facilities of telephone, electricity and others. The village is surrounding by green forest blossom plants i.e. rhododendron and other ever green shrub also. They are 30 species of rhododendron species in this village. An easy walk above the village there is nice view point Ghupshi dada of 3000m; Dharchey dada of 325m and Rukhang of 3150m. From these point views, we can see many panoramic view, mysterious and spectacular sunrise at the morning and many Himalayas range like Bouddha himal (6,672m) Himalchuli (7,893m) Rupina pass (4,643m) Shringi Himal (7,187m), Ganesh Himal (7,429m) and Langtang Himalayas range, Lamjung himal, Annapurna Himalayas range etc. Laprak village is also the getway of Manaslu Treks.