Everest Summiteer Iman Gurung Memorial Trust (ESIMT)

Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program


Education is one of the primary goals of human beings. We provide scholarship to deprived, destitute and helpless children who have lost family members during trekking and mountaineering expeditions in the various parts of Nepal. ESIMT provide scholarship to students, teachers and schools by providing stationary and other equipment necessary for a child's education as well as supporting schools with funds, materials or labour for maintaining, extending or restoring those schools who lack the financial resources.

A certain number of scholarships are reserved for those students who are interested in technical and vocational education. These skills allow for easy employment as well as meeting the requirements of services for the local community.

The primary target group of this project is the local public schools and destitute children who are in dire need of support mainly in sector of education. We target to provide the teachers’ salaries in the public schools who are not supported by Nepal Government and local administration. The basic selection criteria of this project are:

      • Safeguard the future of the children in need
      • Upgrade the quality of the education in public school
      • Employment opportunities for the youth
      • Facilitating for easy access to education for destitute, helpless, Dalit and  Marginalized children.
      • Contribute to the implementation of existent policies and regulation of Nepal     government in order to  education for all.

The primary target group of this project is the local public schools, destitute and helpless children. We are supporting more than 100 children in deprived condition will be direct beneficiaries through scholarship and livelihood assistance and around 100 families will directly benefit of livelihood assistance to children. More than 2,000 of students will also be benefit through school and study center support program.